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So, if they'd been able to include Fusco in Carter's storyline, this would have been the Week of Awesome Partnerships. As it was we had Reese and Shaw being BAMFs and Finch and Root being evil geniuses together... some more evil than others, although now I'm really wondering what the heck Finch did to set this all in motion.

Other things...

- Reese calling Carter "Joss". They've come so far in two years!

- The proposal. Sniff.

- "It's so adorable how John follows you around like that. I wish I had a pet."

- "Thank you for the help." "Looked like you had it under control." (I have decided that Shaw's being a hardass because she doesn't want to get emotionally attached to anyone because the last person she was emotionally attached to was her partner who I've also decided she was secretly in love with and he was in love with her but they never told each other *sobs*)

- So if Finch rerouted the call back to the phone by John, who was Root talking to? Will they both have control of the machine? And where are they off to now? To go to where the machine physically is, I suppose...

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At the "pet" line, I may have said out loud, "I wish I had one too if it looked like John."


And yeah, who WAS Root talking too?? How were there two calls?

I'm sooo afraid Grace will be killed somehow. Or possibly Fusco. If either one of them dies, I will LOSE IT.
At the "pet" line, I may have said out loud, "I wish I had one too if it looked like John."

Heh, no doubt.
I think the yellow boxes are coming into play. finch and reese have yellow boxes around them in the surveillance footage, no one else does as far as I can recall. Don't think fusco or carter have it.

When finch was kidnapped, reese blackmailed the machine to help him. The machine chose to overwrite finch's 'i'm not important' code. That's why I'm wondering if one call was to help finch, one to the new admin.

I think the machine is sentient enough to choose its master...or at least who has control.
Yeah, there's definitely more to the Machine's capabilities than meets the eye -- Root's right about that. (I think one of the creepiest things about her character is that she's able to get so emotionally invested/indignant about how Finch has hobbled the Machine... but killing *people*... well, you know, gotta do what you've gotta do.)