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Game of Thrones: Kissed by Fire

"I've never had a family."
"I can be your family."
"You wouldn't be my family. You'd be my lady."



I have this feeling that they're rewriting the bit with Davos and Stannis's daughter Shireen. Or maybe I just don't remember. But I'm glad they didn't write her out.

ROBB YOU SO STUPID. Honestly I think you kind of deserve what's coming.

"Come help! The Kingslayer!"
"Jaime. My name's Jaime."


You know, this very day I predicted nekkid Brienne. But at least there wasn't full-on boobage.

And there's just something so satisfying about watching Cersei get a taste of her own medicine. You almost, almost feel sorry for her, but then... nope.

Sansa are you really that dumb?

Jon and Ygritte... yawn. Never did anything for me in the books, either.

Overall, though, two good episodes in a row. And by good, I mean...

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