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Ack season finale time

I always forget that the 'summer' hiatus for so many shows starts in freakin' May. And since I watch a lot of shows online (*cough*torrents*cough*) I don't always see the 'next week promos' right away. And then I find out that, for example, the Bones finale is next week, and it makes me sad.

I hope they ace Pelant. Not just because he's a bad guy who deserves acing, but because he's really not my favorite of the Bones baddies. It's the same reason I got bored/annoyed with The Following -- when a villain is that smart and capable, it kind of defies even my credulity.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you."


It makes me want to go back and watch old episodes where Brennan's like, Psychology? Relationships? Monogamy? Marriage? Children?


How far our little bebe has come :)
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