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If the internet spoils me for IM3 I will be really pissed.
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My brother called and got us tickets for 9 o'clock on Thursday, which is nice because I'm getting too old for midnight premieres, but until then, I'm in the same boat you are. *gnaws fingernails in terror*
I just don't understand why they would spread the premieres out so much. It seems, for one, that it would encourage piracy. Although I guess anyone fanatical enough to DL a cam version of the movie is bound to still go see it in theaters, at least once.
Hang in there, and be sure to hum when you put your fingers in your ears!
Already planning to avoid the internet from Thursday - until I see the movie.
But I love the internet! *sobs*

I figure I'll definitely be avoiding tumblr, and just have to hope that the people on my lj f-list will be kind :\