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Last night I had an Avengers-related dream. It's the first I've had in a while and I remembered it pretty well when I woke up, so I thought I would jot down the specifics. Who knows... I might be able to work it into a fic someday.

It started with Natasha moving through a forest or a jungle. At first I thought she was alone, but then I realized Clint was there too, and that was pretty exciting. They were looking for someone. Finally in the middle of all the trees they came across what was either a large camp or a small village, and everyone was dead. Dead as in hacked up, stabbed... pretty gruesome stuff because that's how my subconscious rolls. (Actually it may have borrowed this from the scene in Harrenhal in the S3 Game of Thrones premiere.) Except they found one person left alive, who had either hidden or been hidden by other people, and it turned out that she was the wife of someone that Clint knew - maybe even someone he was friends with back in the day - and who they had come to this place looking for. Also she turned out to be pregnant, and in labor. Between the two of them, Natasha and Clint delivered the baby (a boy) but the mother died. And they decided they had to keep looking for the father.

No, I don't know where I get this stuff.
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