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I have to say that the posts about/scans of the current Hawkeye comic have almost tempted me to check it out. And I think the last comic book I owned featured Donald Duck. However...

1) Comic continuity, yikes. It's like coming into a soap opera that's been on the air for 50 years and trying to get a handle on who's who and who's slept with who and who's alive and who isn't and what's going on with all the other characters... yeah.

2) Related to (1): I'm really rather happy in my little MCU sandbox. Things are simpler here.

3) I would feel compelled to root for a 'ship. And I just can't ship Clint with anyone but Natasha -- see (2) -- no matter how awesome Kate is. Or Bobbi. Or Jess. Just... no. I'm ship-monogamous.

4) Probably most importantly: the idea of Clint as the Perpetual-Adolescent Screwup does not appeal to me. At. All. (Again, all I've seen is scans and peoples' comments. And maybe I'm reading too much into those.

The art is quite nice, though.
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