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For some reason I found this interesting

2003's Safest States: Vermont, North Dakota, Maine, South Dakota and New Hampshire.

2003's Most Dangerous States: Maryland, Florida, Arizona, Nevada and Louisiana ("The state's murder rate not only is the highest in the country but also is double the national average.")

2003's Most Healthy States: Vermont, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota.

2003's Least Healthy: New Mexico, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana and Mississippi.

2003's Most Livable: Minnesota, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nebraska and Virginia.

2003's Least Livable: West Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana and Mississippi.

(Livability scores determined by 43 factors, including everything from crime rates, costs of living, incomes and home ownership rates to low birth weight births, per capita number of books in libraries, sunny days and hazardous waste sites.)
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