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Managed a much more satisfying ending to Chapter One than I was able to come up with the other night. Longer, wordy, will probably need much editing at a later date... but I'm pleased with it. For some reason I'm enjoying making Sam a little darker, a little more angry. God only knows how this'll fit into the start of Season Seven, but I figure with everything that happened at the end of Six she's allowed to be a little more emotional.

The nice thing about this story is that the more I write, the more I find things that I'm able to take from real life and transplant into the fiction. People always tell you to write what you know - it was the first writing advice I ever got, in fact - but I always countered that with the fact that my life is mindnumbingly dull. However, writing this story I find myself drawing a lot on real life stuff. For instance, in the plot area, there are notions of terrorism, tyranny and making alliances with the lesser of two evils. In the character development area, there's going to be a lot of focus on independence, which is something I've personally been struggling with since... well, two, technically, but quite a bit lately ;) As the characters consider stepping into new roles (and obviously they won't because of S7, but they don't know that yet), I feel that I can connect with what they're going through. Yay :)

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