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The kids are in bed, exhausted from a long evening of eating pizza (well, half a piece in the two year-old's case), then watching Wreck-It-Ralph and three-and-a-half episodes of GLTAS (including Flight Club, Invasion, and Homecoming. My heart hurts. Four year-old fell asleep in the middle of Blue Hope which is good because that made my heart hurt even more. "I am not like you." "Emotions detected." WAAAH why did it all have to go so terribly, terribly wrong?

Not sure when the cousin and his wife are supposed to be back. Depends on how much they're enjoying themselves, I guess. If I'm still with it when they get back, I'm going to go crash at my folks' house across town, since I was planning on going over there tomorrow anyway for breakfast and NASCAR, and there's no point in driving 15 miles back home just to sleep. Otherwise the cousins' guest bedroom is made up for me. But I'm weird in that I don't like to shower in new places, so I'm going to try really hard to stay awake.

Now I think I'm going to skim New Avengers: Breakout for some of my favorite Master Assassin bits. :D
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