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Jumping back into the writing today, since I have some unstructured time (read: time when I should be doing chores but don't wanna) this afternoon and will have some more hours to fill tonight after the boys I'm babysitting have gone to bed. I'm rewriting an early scene that I was never all that happy with (a conversation between Tony and Natasha that was too wordy and way to feelsy, which I then cut down, but I think I cut it down too much) and have plans to tweak the part of the plot that I've been most recently hung up on. I think when I was originally outlining this part I got mired in making sure POV switches were equitable and timelines matched up correctly, and that led to me putting a pause in the action that felt clunky. And the timeline is still important, of course, but... well, it makes sense to me at the moment, anyway.

The good thing is that even after repeated rereadings of the first 56K words, I'm still pretty happy with it, and there are even some parts that are downright enjoyable. Maria is still a little bit of a challenge, but in a good way. And I had way too much fun writing a few brief scenes with Jane. In general writing the 'team' scenes, which I was originally wary of, has gone rather smoothly. It's the complicated one-on-one emotional stuff that can be the biggest drag when the words aren't coming.
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