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GLTAS: Scarred

Some thoughts about this morning's episode...

The overall message of this series, as far as I can tell, seems to be The Guardians, with few exceptions, are evil, power-hungry little blue bastards who always make everything worse, so don't trust them. Also something about willpower and love and hate and I don't even know anymore.

Kilowog is officially a Rayaza shipper. I bet he has a tumblr account and everything.


He is also Razer's BFF, even though he'll never admit it. Mr. "Oh Hal, why can't you follow the rules and obey the chain of command?" attacking the Guardian when he thought she'd killed Razer? YOU HAVE MY RESPECT, SIR.

Apparently there were a lot of comics Easter eggs in this episode. I'll have to take peoples' word for it, I suppose.

So, Aya is actually a living being... because... instead of just using green energy to construct/power her body, it was also used to... create her mind? Her soul? Honestly it doesn't make me feel any differently about her, but I appreciate the flashback. Aya was a BAMF long before we knew her. Also? I like that it was implied that she had emotions from the beginning; her relationship with Razer and the boys weren't what developed her ability to feel, they just... brought them to the surface? Broke through Bitchface Guardian's safeguards? I feel like this is an important distinction.

Guardians have been trying to destroy Aya ever since she was created. I can't blame her for being a little crazy.

Poor Razer. Yes, I realize that a lot of this is more or less his fault, but still... *pets the poor sad rage bunny*

Speaking of...

Oh my God I think I just died.

Episode 1: Green Eggs and Ham and Episode 2: Everybody Poops. I just about barfed up my breakfast laughing.
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