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- I have my primary laptop, Aya, back! It's been almost two weeks, but the dc jack issue appears to be fixed and, after a brief heart attack and system restore, everything is back to how I had it. Not sure I'll use this shop again, though. Their customer service left a lot to be desired.

- I've been itching to do some writing these past few days, but told myself that I was holding off until I got Aya back. Now that she's back, I guess I'll actually have to follow through. Really, I am looking forward to getting immersed in my fictional universe again.

- Bought and read OSC's Shadows in Flight in just a little more than 24 hours. It's really more of a novella, length-wise, but there's just something about his writing that drags you in and pulls you along and next thing you know you've been reading for 50 pages. Also: Beeeeeaaaaan...

- At the moment I am house-hunting in New York for fictional characters. Shut up.
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