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You know how sometimes a show does something that makes you do something like this?

Like this:


Okay, so I'm sure there were a good number of people who disliked the last Person of Interest, due to being a departure from formula and almost completely about someone who is neither Reese nor Finch, but... it might have been my favorite episode ever.

Which isn't to say I don't very much like Reese, Finch, Carter and Fusco. But I've had a girl-crush on Sarah Shahi since Life (where she played Det. Dani Reese, teehee!). And there was such a Natasha vibe. Which of course made Cole her Clint. And I knew Cole was going to die, and he did, and I'm still kind of sad about that.

On the other hand... Shaw. Is. Awesome. And as a bonus we had Root being her old charmingly psychotic self. And Reese's handful of lines being delightfully quippy. And the idea of the Project and Finch & Co. working the numbers from different sides. And honestly I'm more excited about the show now than I have been in a while. Please please tell me that Shaw is recurring? I mean I want her to be a regular but I'll settle for recurring for the time being.


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