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About 30 seconds into my music video to the Feel song mentioned below. Sel's being an angel and uploading Red Sky for me so I can download it. If anyone knows where I can get 100 Days and/or Shades of Gray, please let me know. I have a dismayingly small number of Season 3 ASFs.

Reread Janis Cortese's Animal Husbandry mostly for the nummy, nummy smut, imagry and dark, angsty feel. I've always been skeptical about the plot itself, and certain parts give me very vivid flashbacks to Planet of the Apes, but I'm happily willing to overlook that for the sheer numminess of the rest. Too bad the author didn't write much ship, and apparently lost interest with the show. Alas.

It's after midnight, but I'm much more awake now than I've been the past few days at this time of night. Mostly because I had a Pepsi, hot chocolate, and a mean chocolate layer cake (from scratch!) today. Most of the blame I place on the Pepsi; chocolate I'm usually safe with, but Pepsi is just pure caffeine. Didn't feel so hot this afternoon when it kicked in, though. I've been very good at cutting back on my caffeine intake, but when I do have some it seems to effect me much more than it used to before I cut back. If that makes any sense.

There's a conversation about hermaphrodites going on in the chat room that I really don't want to be a part of.

Trying to psych myself up to working on Sleepers 2. Maybe that fic reread will have an inspiring effect. The problem lately has been that I'm at a rather high-energy scene: there's not a lot of physical action going on, but there's a lot of emotion, tension, and undercurrents that I want to pay proper respect to. And I've been so blah this week that it's hard to keep that energy level up while I'm writing.

*cracks her neck* Here goes nothin'...

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