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Downton, Die Hard, and writing woes

So, I've watched my first episode of Downton Abbey and I'm... interested. Not my favorite historical period, but everything is very well-produced and it doesn't have that distracting fps-weirdness that I generally associate with British television. And I had fun playing Spot-the-Brit from other movies and shows.

Dad and I are going to see the new Die Hard tomorrow. It's gotten mixed reviews, but I figure, if you go in expecting Bruce Willis kicking ass and inciting a little mindless violence, you're not going to be disappointed. Because it's Die Hard, c'mon.

I've been slacking off on the writing something awful, and I feel doubly bad because in the last few weeks I've gotten some really lovely feedback on my Clint/Natasha stuff over on AO3, especially White Blank Page. And then there's the fact that I asked madjm to start betaing and then left her hanging. Sometimes when I get stuck like this it's a subconscious signal that something in the narrative isn't clicking, but I think it's more that I'm struggling a bit with my original characters. There were plenty of those in WBP, of course, but they didn't have to carry a good deal of the story the way they do in the sequel. Maybe I'm a little nervous that they're not up to it. Or maybe I'm just being lazy and out of practice with forcing myself to write.
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I won't spoil it, but downton gets more and more addictive as it goes on. The story gets richer and deeper and builds on itself.

And hey, if you get totally hooked, you know you have at least 4 seasons to look forward to.
Yup, I'm' waaaaaaaaiting ....


I've got Downton in my Netflix queue, but I haven't started it yet.