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Downton, Die Hard, and writing woes

So, I've watched my first episode of Downton Abbey and I'm... interested. Not my favorite historical period, but everything is very well-produced and it doesn't have that distracting fps-weirdness that I generally associate with British television. And I had fun playing Spot-the-Brit from other movies and shows.

Dad and I are going to see the new Die Hard tomorrow. It's gotten mixed reviews, but I figure, if you go in expecting Bruce Willis kicking ass and inciting a little mindless violence, you're not going to be disappointed. Because it's Die Hard, c'mon.

I've been slacking off on the writing something awful, and I feel doubly bad because in the last few weeks I've gotten some really lovely feedback on my Clint/Natasha stuff over on AO3, especially White Blank Page. And then there's the fact that I asked madjm to start betaing and then left her hanging. Sometimes when I get stuck like this it's a subconscious signal that something in the narrative isn't clicking, but I think it's more that I'm struggling a bit with my original characters. There were plenty of those in WBP, of course, but they didn't have to carry a good deal of the story the way they do in the sequel. Maybe I'm a little nervous that they're not up to it. Or maybe I'm just being lazy and out of practice with forcing myself to write.
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