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So this morning I set out on a mission to drown my GLTAS woes and make some Lizzie Bennet icons. I specifically wanted some Lizzie and Darcy icons from the most recent episodes, because while I've found a couple sources of single-character icons, I wasn't able to find much with the two of them together.

Aaaaand I think I've figured out why. Because of how they frame things, it's damned hard to fit two people into a 100x100 icon without completely losing all resolution. And even then most of the icon is just negative space. Meh. I got a couple that I guess aren't horrible, which I'll eventually post. In the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy looking at this Darcy icon. Because REASONS.
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Well, it's a pain, but sometimes you can move people so they're closer together, depending on what the background is like. Can you find one that's relatively simple?

I did that with a few icons:

(that one was really tricky to get the background right, go with something simpler if possible!)
This one was actually pretty easy, because the top of the picture over their heads is all basically the same, so all I had to do was cut the image in half following the outer edge of his body where it's in front of the city and straight up once I got to the sky, and then move that half over. And voila, instantly they are closer together and I can crop down for a decent icon!
Yeah there's that option but I don't know that the backgrounds are simple enough for my limited photoshop skills :)