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It's a long story.

Me: updating lj via my semagic client at mom and dad's house earlier tonight

Cousin Shelby: sits down next to me and catches glimpse of Renner Butt icon

Me: quickly closes window

Shelby: I saw that.


By the way, Horsewomen? Shelby is 17 and will be graduating high school this June. THERE. I just made you all feel old. Including me. I feel old.
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Bridger is 15.5, a sophomore in high school and wanting to be an adult so bad. It's a shame that all kids want to do is grow-up and when you're grown-up you wish you were a kid again! One of life's great mysteries.
She's old enough to see Renner butt! But yeah, we're all getting older. I think I first met you when you were still in high school. ::sigh::
Hee! Renner butt! It's not like it was nekkid!Renner butt, right? ;)
Every female should be glad to see Renner's butt.

Just sayin'.