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Some things not related to me flailing over fictional characters

- I'm still very very poor until payday, which is always the last day of the month. Yes, teachers (at least the ones around here) only get paid once a month, unless you do extra stuff, in which you also get paid on the 10th of the month. Only the extra stuff I did didn't show up on my Jan. 10th paycheck. It'd better be on the Feb. 10th or things are going to get ugly.

- I'm up to episode 33 of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. It's cute and fluffy and well-done although I expect kind of boring to people who don't know P&P.

- I'm having guilt about not getting any writing done this weekend. But I did get some housework done today, so I guess there's that.

- I needed some cheering up yesterday so before the movie I ducked into Payless and spent money I don't really have. But hey, a new pair of ankle boots and a new scarf for $22? That's a good deal, right?

- Three weeks of eating fairly well and being active in terms of work have not led to me losing the tummy-chub I picked up over the holidays. It's just a couple of pounds but it's pissing me off. I may be forced to dust off the elliptical. UGH.

- Meanwhile, will you please look the other way while I eat this Reese Big Cup? Thanks.

Okay, time to pack up the party and head over to Mom and Dad's for dinner. Yay, free food!
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