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Green Lantern: Loss

*cries forever*

Okay so I'm holding on to a slim hope... Guardian lady mentioned that the Anti-Monitor can time travel, which I don't think we knew before, so they said it for a reason. Is Razer going to be able to go back and save her? PLEASE TELL ME.
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what's killing me the most emotionally is how Razer finally let his guard down, finally kind of let Ilana go, took that first step -- AND THEN THIS.

Yeah, it's pretty much the worst possible moment in Razer's life for this to happen - he is too self aware (imho, the show could prove me wrong) to find comfort in anger like he did before, he's not close enough to Hal and Killiwog to find comfort with them, and he DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ENOUGH TIME WITH AYA to have comforting memories of lazy evenings touching each other in his room.