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Ah, the weekend...

Of course, when you're on summer vacation, the weekend is pretty much like any other day... the biggest differences being that Jamie is home and the TV is marginally better.

Not sure how much I'll be online today, since we're having Jamie's 'party' this afternoon/evening. The thing is, the only other 'guests' were going to be my aunt, uncle, and Shelby... and with everything going on, well, at least one of those people won't be here, possibly two, possibly all. So is it still an actual party when it's just the four of us?

Thankfully, Jamie's 'friend party' is going to be from June 13th to the 14th. When I won't be here! Thank you, Sue and Lola *g* Talk about your great timing.

Tried my nose spray for the first time this morning. Man, that's a weird sensation.

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