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*helpless giggles*

*puts down New Avengers: Breakout, and yes I read it in four hours*

So, I don't read comics and what little I know about the comics' characters storylines pretty much comes from wikipedia. And generally I'm not impressed with novel tie-ins because they hardly ever get to do anything fun with the characters.

But this book.


Sexy spy banter. Jungle sex. Tony, Peter and Luke (and omg I don't know anything about Luke but I heart him) being snarktastic.Jungle sex. Steve being a freaking Boy Scout in both the worst and best possible ways. Love triangle-turned-girl power. Jungle sex. Naked fighting and shapeshifters and dinosaurs and JUNGLE SEX yeah you heard me.

*laughs hysterically some more*

So, some of the action scenes were a little muddled, and in places the exposition was a little too weighty, what is it with comics writers needing sixteen different bad guys when two or three would do? Because the superhero toons do that too. That said, there were several lol lines and nice turns of phrase and everyone having their confused feels AND DID I MENTION JUNGLE SEX BECAUSE THERE WAS THAT TOO.
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