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- I spent the last 10 minutes scrolling through tumblr and gawking at pictures and gifsets from Hansel & Gretel. I mean I just can't even explain how much I want to see this and how terrible I expect it to be but dear God I don't care. Know why I don't care? THIS IS WHY.

Gee. Zus.

I didn't realize, until I saw there was a red-band trailer, that this is rated R. Not even going to watch the trailer. If it's going to make me cry, it may as well make me cry in the theater.

- I have some kind of leak under my kitchen sink. Sigh. Mom and Dad are coming over to take a look. Yes, I'm 30 and my parents are coming over to... okay, I almost typed 'check my plumbing' but that just sounds terrible. I'm hoping something just needs to be tightened because I have basically no money.

- Speaking of, I had to take Abby to the vet yesterday because she had an ingrown nail. $200 later, she's doing okay. I mean she's kind of a bitch on a good day, so she's not being friendly and playful or anything, but then I wouldn't expect that.

- DC Nation is back as of today! I'd seen both the Young Justice and Green Lantern episodes thanks to iTunes, so I'm looking forward to next weekend. Can I just say if we don't get some kind of awesome Aya/Razer reunion my wrath will be terrible? Because it will. It will.
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I saw an ad for H&G today, JR looked mighty fine! And it looked like an kind of interesting story.
I saw an ad for H&G today, JR looked mighty fine!

He usually does.


And it looked like an kind of interesting story.

lol yeah I won't go that far. I've been burned too many times by crappy fairy tale movies. But I'm sure I'll enjoy it anyway ;)
See, I'm actually expecting it to be a lot of fun, and not in the "so bad it's good" way. It clearly isn't taking itself too seriously; it knows it's a parody. I keep seeing that it's looking like it's going to be Van Helsing with a frickin' self-poking sense of humor, which Van Helsing completely lacked and that's why I hated it. But this looks like it gets how to do that and will, I hope, make itself work!
Yeah see I remember Van Helsing as being absolutely atrotious and when I first started seeing promos for H&G that's right where my mind went. I'm going to take heart from your optimism!
I would cite examples of the anachronistic parody stuff but if you're not watching the trailers I don't want to spoil anything for you!
Well anything that's in TV commercials is okay, because I'm sure I won't be able to stop from seeing those...