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So I finally, after almost a month, have reopened my NaNo fic. I needed a break from it, and I had to work on my Secret Santa fic anyway. I think I took enough notes during November that I'll be able to pick up the threads of the plot without much trouble. And I have to say... it's kind of satisfying to edit without worrying about word count.

ETA: By the way, you know what gives me warm author fuzzies? Reading a funny line that you wrote a month ago, and finding that it's still funny.
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That's so cool that you're picking it back up again! There's nothing more satisfying than liking your NaNo story enough to be able to continue writing in it after the end of the month!
Heh, I've actually never gone back and finished a NaNo story before, even the years when I've won, but those were all original stories. I was hoping that if I went the fanfic sequel route this year I would have more incentive to actually complete it :)
I'm thinking I may try to devote the summer to original and go that route with fanfic for NaNo! I think it sounds like a good plan for getting it back out! Is that the Blank Pages sequel or did you go with another one? I can only remember the conversation and not the ending result.
Yep, that's the one, although it's morphed into something I really couldn't have imagined back at the beginning of November.
Nice! I think that's the best thing about NaNo... you're moving too fast to stick to any sort of plan you might have had!