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*searches for something new to read*

Amazon: Look, a new book by Jaqueline Carey!

Me: Ooh.

Amazon: Except it's urban fantasy.


*goes back to looking*

(I was actually willing to put aside my long-standing dislike of urban fantasy and read the sample at least until I saw the phrase "...her childhood crush, Officer Cody Fairfax, a sexy werewolf..." No. Just... no. Also no.)
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a brief suggestion...
Mhm, i soooo get you.
Al those cliché-books, where a plain girl is sweept off her feet by a handsome Were-whatever or vamp...

Try this:
Jennifer Roberson.

She co-wrote the last Marion Zimmer Bradley books (Darekcover, AVALON) and most of her books are pretty awesome.

Best of her is the "Sworddancer"-story.
Seven books about two sword-masters, one from the south and one from the north - worlds colliding...Sandtiger and Del.
Yes, there is a love interest, but it´s not the easy one.
Chapters switch between Del and Tiger telling the story..kinda interesting.

The Cheysuli-books are about people who live with animals in a fantasy kingdom. Kind of like Games of Thrones.

Her latest story-arc is the "Karavans". Three books so far and I just love Rhuan, her male main-character. He´s a demon who wants to live among humans...
Here´s the first of the books (it´s avaiable in German as well, if you prefer that):

Pic is the cover from the second book:

Try it!