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Movie night tonight was Crazy, Stupid, Love on greenconverses's insistence. I'm still not much of a Gosling fan, although yes, Emma, he does have nice abs. I guess generally speaking I don't go for the characters who are womanizers (except for Barney Stinson, who is the exception to every rule), even the reformed ones, but at least in this he played a character who could smile and not be a total creeper.

The twist was good. The kids were cute. I think my favorite character might have been the crazy teacher ;)

ETA: Do people really spend that much time just hanging around, drinking at bars? I have a hard time imagining it. First, I would be mentally wrestling with how much I was spending on booze. Second, I would be way too self-conscious. Third, eventually I think I'd just be bored and start playing Words with Friends or something on my phone.
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