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Les Mis

Just back from seeing Les Mis. As I said in my previous post, I knew nothing about it other than it was set in France (and, okay, I did recognize some of the songs from middle school choir). I'd come across a couple reviews which I perused but mainly went in without any preconceptions or expectations.

sugar_fey recommended taking tissues... I didn't take any, but thankfully I had a handy scarf that was able to act as Kleenex in a pinch. It's certainly a depressing tale, isn't it? Although I have to say that I was doing pretty well until the last five minutes or so. But by that time the rest of the theater was crying too, so I was in pretty good company.

For a six-thirty, Thursday-night showing, I wasn't expecting much of a crowd, but the theater was packed. The idiot behind me put his feet on the back of my chair a couple of times... I wouldn't care but these are rocker seats and I could feel the pressure. Thankfully he stopped the second time I pushed back. And the idiot next to me, who felt that he needed to comment on every single pre-movie commercial and who I was rather worried about continuing on into the movie, shut up once the lights went down. And it seemed like fewer morons than usual brought their little kids. Yay for parenting!

Also, I love this theater for how it's dealt with the cell phone issue, at least for full houses like this. The theater manager came in and, although he was very cheerful and friendly and polite, essentially stood there and waited for everyone to turn their phones off. Then he helpfully reminded the audience that ushers would be coming in several times during the movie 'to check on picture quality.' Then right before the movie started there was an on-screen message telling people that if they're caught with 'recording devices or cell phones' they 'may be asked to leave the theater immediately.' It's sad that we've had to come to that... but it was effective. I was sitting up near the top and didn't see anyone jacking around with a screen.
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