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Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas Day. It sure seemed to fly by! There's something about prepping for a day for 3 weeks and it being over in 24 hours (less, if you enjoy things like sleep) that makes it hard not to be a little depressing to wake up the next day.

But you know what makes it less depressing? When you don't have to work until January 7th.

Also presents :D

From my parents I got a red wool jacket, microfiber sheets, shower radio, electric toothbrush, Starbucks gift card, Giants musical jewelry box and some lovely assorted stocking stuffers. From my brother and his wife: a picture mug commemorating their wedding last April and a selection of salon-quality hair-care products. (It's nice having an aesthetician in the family.) From my aunt, uncle and cousin Shelby I got a slipcover for my sofa (hopefully a little easier to keep the fur off this material!) and a MAC gift card. And from my other cousin and his family: some homemade lavender-orange sugar scrub, a box of coffee K-cups, and a clutch purse.

Tomorrow I'll probably be going back over to the folks' house to help mom set up her new Nook :)

Now I'm off to plug in my toothbrush and look to see what's been posted over at the be_compromised Secret Santa exchange since this morning!

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