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It's getting to the point where I really just want my Secret Santa fic to die. But I don't want to kill it myself. Do fic hit-men exist?
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A furry little head lifted over the back of the sofa as Clint shut the door of the apartment behind him with a grimace.

"Ah, suburbia. Remind me, again, why exactly this fic needs to die?"

Natasha was peering out through the blinds. "Apparently there's no kissing in it."

"Maybe it's not a kissing story?"

"It's supposed to be about us."

"So clearly it's a crime against humanity and must be erased?"

"Actually, the author wanted it terminated."

"And why were we sent to do it?"

"Because a friend of the author doesn't have anything else for us to do right now since she hasn't yet started her story about us."

"So she sent us in to be the fic hit-men? And to pat the cats?"

"Yes." Purring filled the room as Natasha scritched the head of the playful little kitten who insisted on rolling over and trying to bite her glove.

"Riight," Clint turned away to look for the laptop, muttering, "Authors..."