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Some memes snagged from flourhurricane

Here's that End of the Year Meme with the first sentences of the first LJ posts of every month.

January: This next month is going to be a busy one at work.
February: Uhoh... Hermie has discovered that he can achieve whole new levels of cuteness by tucking his paws underneath him.
March: Can I just say that, as much as I love the ship aspects of The Hunger Games, and I kinda think their marketing needs moar Peeta, I'm also kind of glad they're playing up the action/adventure/Katniss the protective older sister part.
April: Couple!Booth and Bones are just too damn cute!
May: *repeatedly bangs head on wall*
June: Dear female coworkers, thank you for complimenting me on my outfit today.
July:I finally got the case for my Acer tablet, but it's so blank and boring and blah.
August: Just wrote out three pages of dialog, longhand, for the Big Effing Reveal Scene.
September: I wore my Avengers t-shirt today when I went grocery shopping.
October: I think I need to make a GL:TAS music video.
November: Here goes nothin'.
December: Things to be done today:

Name Meme!

01. Your Real Name: Allison
02. Your Detective Name (favorite color and favorite animal): Blue Cat
03. Your Soap Opera Name (middle name and street you live on): Louise Peppermill
04. Your Star Wars Name (first three letters of last name, first two of middle name, first two of first, last three of last): Hodloaldge (how do you pronounce that?)
05. Your Super Hero Name (color of your shirt, first item to your immediate left): Green Clock
06. Your Goth Name (black and one of your pets): Black Piper
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