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Another progress report: Day 22

Just about 1,000 words written today. Not bad, considering that some prime writing time - noon to sixish - was taken up at the cousin's for Thanksgiving. And then I got home and wasn't really in the mood. And now that I'm in the mood I have a bit of a headache and am tired. Also, this Clementine I just peeled is dry, blech. *chucks it*

If I really push it, I might be able to finish - or get really close to finishing - before I have to go back to work on Monday. Or I can pace myself. It's nice to have a little bit of freedom.

I've also handwritten the dialog for three scenes that haven't happened yet. It's something I do if the characters involved are speaking to me especially clearly, and it lets me focus on exposition/narration later, without having to worry about keeping up the flow of the conversation. The dialog itself is probably at least another thousand words, so should something go horribly, horribly wrong at the end, at least I would have that to fall back on as a little buffer.

No big story revelations today, although I finally accepted that I'm just not going to be able to have a big honkin' reveal with this story the way I did with WBP. In that case the big reveal wasn't absolutely necessary - I could have divulged who Aten was earlier than I did - but it worked for the story and made writing the foreshadowing fun.

In this case, it could work for the story, but it would feel too strained and would require that I keep things too general, which takes away some of the emotional impact of the eventual reveal. Plus I already have multiple storylines going on, both in the present and at various points in the past and future, and I'm worried enough about that getting confusing for the reader. I don't need to frustrate them even more by being pointlessly vague. That said, I'm not going to announce it with a big neon sign, either.

In non-writing news, I had to give Lou the kitteh a bath in the sink after he was not careful of where he stepped in the litter box. Thankfully, his big brother, Hermie the Maine Coon tabby, is raising him to not be afraid of water, so I was able to soap up Lou's feet - yes I own cat shampoo - and clean off the ick with a minimum of struggling. He's now curled up in my lap, giving himself a bath and purring like a beast. I think I am forgiven.
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