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So I went with dad to see Skyfall today. Spoilery thoughts below.

So, I wasn't terribly impressed. This is the first Daniel Craig Bond movie I've seen and the first Bond, period, in a very long time, so I didn't have a huge emotional connection to any of the characters. I thought the story structure was a little off, and it seemed like the story didn't really hit its stride until about 2/3 through.

I liked the motorcycle chase in Turkey. I liked that Mallory ended up not being a huge ass. I liked the bit of history about Bond's childhood, going back to his childhood home and all. I liked the Home Alone prepping for the bad guys. Unfortunately, the main bad guy was such a scene-chewer. Seriously, he came across like a Bond villain in a Saturday Night Live skit about Bond villains, complete with bad wig. (Maybe it wasn't a wig. It looked like a bad wig.)

I think the thing that bugged me the most was the use of women in the movie. Now, anyone who knows me know I don't identify as a feminist or anything like that, and that Bond is expected to be a "ladies man", but I thought it was kind of egregious.

First, in terms of storytelling, we see Bond get shot and fall hundreds of feet into the water and down a waterfall... then we get the Acid Trip Credits and next thing he knows, he's banging some random woman who doesn't have a name and is never mentioned again. Yeah, fine.

Then we have the Nameless Female Agent (at least I never heard her given even a first name until the end of the movie... more on that later) who doesn't know how to drive and, when told to risk shooting Bond in order to shoot the bad guy, shoots Bond but completely misses the bad guy, and naturally has to come regain his trust or something in that stupid shaving scene, and did she actually do anything in Macau? Oh wait, I think she walked around in a cute dress and then hit a guy after Bond and the Gila monsters took care of the rest of them. Now, I understand why they held back on giving her a name until the end - even I have heard of Miss Moneypenny - but they immediately lost points by making her... what? The new M's secretary? FAIL.

I thought the saddest bit was the whole plotline with Sévérine (I had to use Wiki to find her name because I didn't remember them mentioning it, either). Once again, she's a sexy gal, so of course Bond needs to sleep with her. And then when she dies... I swear, Bond seemed to get more pissed off when Silva blew up his car in Scotland.

I think the only thing that surprised me was that Bond didn't also end up sleeping with Eve, but I guess they need to save something for the sequel.

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