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I never really imagined I would see Adam Levine, Jeremy Renner and Chris Christie ever sharing a stage.

First time I've watched a whole SNL episode in years... and parts of it were predictably stupid and unfunny, but Jeremy made up for it with his inherent Jeremy-ness. And the Standoff skit really cracked me up, and made me want (as someone on b_c already mentioned) a movie where he plays a badass who is also a single father. Because REASONS.




That is all.
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Clint Barton is a single dad and Avenger... new headcanon...
Yes I could get behind this... except I kinda only want him to have spy babies with Natasha :\
Hmmm... perhaps she's adopted? Family? Niece? It doesn't matter as long as that stand-off moment exists!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmm. You know, I'm planning Clint & little kid interaction for my NaNo fic, just trying to figure out how not to make it TOO precious. It's like I have ESP or something!