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So I've yet to see the whole of SNL because, well, I started watching an East Coast stream and it crapped out on my during his first skit. So I set it to DVR which was good because by the time 11:35 rolled around I was elbow-deep in a scene for my NaNo. Finished that around 1am and then was just too damn tired to really appreciate the Renner.

But I did see his monologue, and it gave me Rennerific dreams. Mainly it was a dream about Clint and Natasha being in a new Resident Evil movie with Oded Fehr's character (mmmm so much hot) but there was also a movie where he played a soldier and there were other weird apocalyptic things happening, and then a movie where he was running around with two little kids.

Strangely none of these are listed on IMDB yet...

So I have SNL recorded but I'm kind of afraid to watch it now, because I feel like I'm channeling my NaNo characters pretty well right now and I'm afraid of Clint being hijacked by crazy Jeremy (like he was hijacked by crazy Sam after Ingenious *looks at pixiesio significantly*)

Also... I've been house/dog/cat sitting for my parents and they're coming home today, and there's stuff to be done because I'm a nice daughter like that.

The plan:

- Quick vacuum
- Laundry
- Litterbox
- Dishes

Hmm okay that's enough of being a good daughter. Thankfully they're already kind of fond of me.
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