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Do we know what happened with Loki's staff-thingy at the end of the movie? Thor didn't have it with him when they left from Central Park. The last time we saw it, Natasha was using it to close the portal, right?

*is having thinky-thoughts*
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Wasn't the last time we saw it when she was pointing it at Loki at the end? :)

I'm pretty sure Thor didn't have it, so I assume SHIELD has it stashed somewhere. Unless the science bros took it with them to study.
LOL that's right. At least she was holding it in a very threatening manner :)

Hmm okay so that means I have free rein... bwhaha...
that means I have free rein... bwhaha...

I am interested and scared at the same time! LOL
Last time we saw it is in the shot of all of them surrounding Loki; Natasha's hefting it. (I'm a little disturbed by how sure I am that I don't need to check the film again to see.)