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Okay. Would a hospital have surveillance cameras in the patient rooms, or just in the halls and stuff, as a privacy thing?
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Truly, surveillance cameras only at entrances and high traffic areas (cafeteria, admitting, loading dock, parking lots). Possibly the ICU *might* have some surveillance, but only in a really big city.
The question is, do you want your hospital to have surveillance cameras in the patient rooms?
Yes, but depending on where you're fic's going and what country it's set in etc you can...well, over here (UK) some wards/patients get checked on more than others, for example, so there's that. Or you could have that hospital part of a surveillanc or security trial. Or bugged by someone. Or have your patient think that it's under surveillance, depending on their drugs and state of mind kind of thing. Or you could play with types of surveillance - are they hooked up to machines that're going to alert someone if they move?

Guess i'm asking would it make it easier to come up with a reason for having surveillance, however unreal, easier to come up with at least a level or surveillance, playing with what is real, or to go another route all together *shrugs*.
I hear you. But in this case I think it'll work fine to tweak my original idea and just have limited surveillance :)