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More NaNo help needed...

Okay guys, I've been mulling over this for weeks and nothing's occurred to me, so I need your help.

One of my flashback scenes in my NaNo fic include Clint and Natasha having a sort of private memorial service for Coulson, since they aren't present for the official one, but I can't for the life of me think of what that might look like. Something symbolic, something that hearkens back to past missions or says something about their relationship with him... Which is hard for me because while Coulson's awesomeness is undeniable, I don't know a whole lot about him besides his fondness for snack cakes, Captain America fanboying, and Supernanny. Oh, and the cellist, of course.

Anybody having a brainstorm?
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I'm always partial to drinks and memories in the dark kind of things... It's under the radar/unobtrusive but powerful and meaningful just like Coulson tended to be.
Maybe, when the three of them were together, they'd order a certain type of food. Like Thai or something rather obscure. It was just something they did and it never felt right to have that sort of food without the others around. So it could be one last take out order.

Or it could be a special place where they visit.