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Procrastination, thy name is other peoples' fanfic

ARGH there is so much wonderful lovely fic on my f-list right now - the majority from be_compromised - and I know if I start reading I won't be able to stop and there goes my writing for the day. *sigh* *bookmarks for the fic marathon that will be Christmas vacation*

I bought my Sneaky Writer Notebook today. A Sneaky Writer Notebook is merely an innocuous-looking notebook where I can write snippets of dialog (something that I'm more likely to do longhand, rather than an entire scene) or plan timelines or muse over character motivations... much more easily and... well, sneakily than lugging my laptop or even a tablet around. I can have it with me at staff meetings or at lunch and be writing in it and as far as anyone knows or cares I'm taking notes or writing lesson plans or doing other things associated with my job. Ha, suckers.
I know if I start reading I won't be able to stop and there goes my writing for the day.

This? This is directly related to why I haven't read White Blank Page yet. I read the first chapter and realized two things. A. I'm going to really, really love it, and B. it's going to eat my brain and I need to make sure I have a whole day to devote to reading it. :) So I've just kind of got it "tucked away" (as it were) for the right day when I can enjoy it properly. ;)
I have a sneaky writer notebook, too!!!! Mine is index cards that are wire-bound together and have a sort of plastic cover. It can withstand being carted around in my bag and is small enough that I can pull it out and write something down wherever I'm at. I've even carried it around at work!

I'm trying so very hard not to read any fanfic right now! I think we should have a monthly recap so nothing gets lost during the month!
Ooh, that's a very good idea... sometimes I'll go a day without checking my f-list and even though I TRY to go back until I start seeing familiar posts, it doesn't always work. We need a monthly digest or something.
There's a Clint/Natasha thread on the NaNo forums and it's so exciting to think of all the C/N goodness that is being written this month. The other ships have got to have as good a showing, I would think. Oh, so much goodness coming our way! Hallelujah!