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Two questions

1) Do we know the name of the town in Thor? I'm looking online but so far the internet has failed me.

- ETA: Okay, IMDB says "Puente Antiguo". That sounds right...

2) I've always made the assumption that the Dark Energy facility in Avengers was also in New Mexico, but I had a moment of doubt as I started writing. Do we know for sure or is that just fanon?
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The location of the Dark Energy facility is not fixed in the film. So if you're only writing MCU, go nuts! It can be anywhere. There is a corresponding location, though, I'm told, in the comics that is in New York state. (Can't remember where I read it, but someone pointed it out to me and I did see it in a wiki somewhere.)
Thanks! I think I'm going to keep it in New Mexico, because that works for me, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't contradicting something in the movie.

And OMG your icon. I was like "Heheh. Kitty... kitty... kitty... RENNER!" Bwahaha.