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Fandom OTP meme from ericadawn16

Pick three of your OTPs without looking at the questions.

1. Peter/Olivia (Fringe)

2. Natasha/Clint (Avengers)

3. Sam/Jack (Stargate SG-1)

1. What made you ship #3?
Chemistry and overall adorableness and because apparently I'm a glutton for punishment.

2. Is #2 canon?
Close enough :D

What's your favorite moment between #1?
When Olivia sees Peter shimmer for the first time. It's such a lovely, happy moment and then THAT... gut-wrenching and heart-rending in the best way.

4. If you could put #3 in any scenario, what would it be?
At the end of a dock, fishing, with NO #$%^&*( Daniel or Teal'c around. Heheheh.

5. Favorite line said between #1?
Olivia, from the season 2 finale, after Peter tells her he doesn't belong in either universe. "You have to come back because you belong with me." WAH.
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