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Fanvid: No Right Angles (GLTAS: Razer/Aya)

So, making this was a little bit nostalgia - I haven't made a vid in a while, and a 'toon-based vid in even longer - and part exorcism. Mainly knowing I needed to get it out of my system before November and NaNo hit.

Also, I considered tagging some kind of anti-Cartoon Network message at the end, but decided against it, contenting myself instead with this.

See you in January, my bebes :\

No Right Angles from Alli Snow on Vimeo.

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This was totally amazing and I love it. THEIR FACES. Ugh. I especially like how you save their backstory for the end of the vid - it gives it this circular structure that really suits the vid.
Thanks! I normally do vids in a really linear way but it didn't seem to work in this case, for the subject or the song. And THEIR STUPID FACES omg. I spent so much time giggling like an idiot, I'm surprised it didn't take me another week to wrap this up.

And I'm excited that I have someone on my f-list who appreciates this show... *sigh* I did manage to get another friend to start watching, but I don't know how long it'll take her to get through the series *peers around for becca*

Ugh. I love how he's only really relaxed with Aya and, you know, I just cannot get over that time HE LOVED HER SO MUCH THE STAR SAPPHIRES SENT HIM ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.

Every time I think about it, my head explodes.
I never, ever, expect the shows I watch to make the relationships I care about canon like that.
You especially don't expect a toon - even a well-written toon - to do it in such a subtle-yet-deep way.

I just hope they GO somewhere with it, gah. From Volpe's postings on twitter, he seems at least aware of Aya/Razer fans and *cough* Razer fangirls, but... still, I've been burned too many times before...