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Reaching critical levels of Silly

Less than a minute left on the vid, and suddenly I'm a little concerned about not having enough time for all the goodies. I really should have made a Comprehensive List of Important Shippable Moments the last time I watched the first half of the season.

- Aya's trip into Razer's mind in Razer's Edge -- okay, she did it to save Hal and Kilowog, but it was still meaningful. Lots of good Ilana stuff there too which is lovely angst fodder.
- Their field trip in Heir Apparent, including "you also look fine" and "I prefer not to be pushed into the dirt." Because a thousand times yes. (Also, as a perv, that scene's a little pervy.)
- Razer's rescue of Aya (1) in Lost Planet
- Their little tiff at the beginning of Reckoning and his rescue (2) at the end. (Although I still need to include the bit where she convinces him to leave, and possibly some of A's taunts.)
- Razer being sulky about recharging his ring at the start of Fear Itself. (Still need to include the end from that ep.)
- Razer leaving Aya behind in Love and War, part of the firefight later on, because she shields him with her body and when she gets knocked down he tries to go after her. This is why it's important to watch episodes like 6 times.
- Razer's impotence ring issues in Regime Change and Aya's catch. (Still want to include that cute little "Excellent aim." "Thank you.")
- Aya getting woozy in Flight Club. (Can't forget Bith's hitting on Aya... the reaction isn't much but it still made me lol.)
- Still need to include Aya being awesome in Invasion.
- Already got Razer's Homecoming chat with the Sapphires, but not the actual rescue (3) AND HIS SMILE or when they show up on Oa together looking badass.

Did anyone actually read all that? Am I forgetting anything?

(I just realized that, for all intents and purposes, I'm shipping a ship. And an angry bunny*. Teehehehehee.)

* I once saw someone on tumblr refer to GLTAS as a show about "an angry bunny and his two dads" and I've never been able to get it out of my head.
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