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Up to a minute and a half on the vid... definitely more than a minute-to-second ratio tonight, but in my defense I was multitasking.

Still about two minutes left, and I'm a little worried about having enough footage (usually my music vids are pretty linear, so it's easy to gage things like that, but in this case I'm purposely skipping around, so it's a little more iffy) but mostly just having way too much fun. I think especially with animation - good animation - there are nuances that you can really only see when you're going frame by frame like a crazy person. Expressions and reactions and body language... a lot more subtlety than you usually get with CGI.

Oh, I had forgotten how much I loled at some of the one-liners and other... repartee.

Aya: Are my components properly aligned?
Razer: You look fine.
Aya: You also look fine.
Razer: 0_0

Now for bedtime... more to do tomorrow!
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