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More cartoon-related feels

Some thoughts on 1x15: Reboot (which I keep thinking of as 2x02, but we're still in the first season).

1. Go away new characters. I don't care about you and you take up precious screen time.

2. Okay, so, I'm annoyed on Aya's behalf. I understand Hal wanted to rush off to Earth (although that didn't really go well for him) but he did come back to Oa at the end of last week's episode. As far as we know, Kilowog never left. And neither of them thought it might be a good idea to check in on Aya? Even if they assumed she'd remained with the ship, you'd think they'd understand that by now she's gotten pretty used to companionship and would be lonely. But especially with recent events, you'd definitely think they would understand that the Guardians are kind of spooked by robotic AIs that can make their own decisions and... well, meh. I'm annoyed at Razer on her behalf, too, but then I sympathize with him... after pretty much realizing that he loves her (is in love with her? That she's his 'one true love', to quote the Star Sapphires?) it's very much in character for him to take off ASAP. Still... annoyed.

3. I approve of their instantaneous rescue mission, however, even if it did involve the stupid squirrel (which right now I put maybe half a step above the stupid British raccoon in the Marvel universe).

4. However, Aya without a body again makes me sad. Despite her undeniable awesomeness as a robot, I live in hope that somehow she's going to find her way into some kind of organic body because that has many more 'ship possibilities.

5. Along those lines, the lack of Razer gave me a sad. Hal's rather cavalier attitude that "I'm sure he'll show up" gave me a sad. But Aya's asking after him and her obviously disappointed 'expression' and that little "Oh" gave me a heart-breaking sad. Sigh.

6. However, I'm going to go to my happy place and decide that this means that he can show up unexpectedly and save the day! Hopefully next week. *looks crossly at Bruce Timm*

There endeth the spoilers.

7. Doing some research I discovered that Jason Spisak, who voices Razer, also voices Wally on YJ. This just makes me love him more. Because Wally!

In related news, I babysat my cousin's kids last night - a 5 year old and a 2 year old. The 5 year old, Brenden, is very into superheroes right now, especially The Avengers and Captain America (kid has good taste) so I asked him if he wanted to watch GL:TAS, since of course I had burned the first disc onto my laptop. We ended up watching 7 episodes, and he wanted to keep going but I had to put him to bed.

I needed to explain quite a bit, of course, but there were some things he picked up on that I can only attribute to him being very smart - which he is - or having subconsciously picked up on the tropes in kids' shows. For example, in the second episode when Razer leaves rather than defend the bomb, Brenden asked if he was "starting to get nice".

Later on, he was asking about how the 'red rings' worked and I explained to him that they were fueled by anger. He declared that he wanted one, and I pointed out it would mean being angry all the time. Him: "But I would have power!"

In "Regime Change", he was very eager that Hal beat the other guy and become king, but by the end of the episode when he asked who had won the fight, and I asked him what he thought, he said "The queen."

In "Lost Planet" he got so worried that the asteroid was going to crash into the planet that I had to tell him it wouldn't.

I was going to buy him the DVD for his birthday, which is this week - and we're having a little family party for him tomorrow - but I can't find the damn thing locally. So I'm going to have to buy it on Amazon and get it shipped to his house.
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