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Yeah, so I'm bored. Sue me.

The topic on SGC-L lately has been fic reccs. It's been... interesting. Well, no, actually, not all that interesting because the majority are slash reccs, and also because... I don't know. I'm weird. I don't have a favorite handful of fics that I'm forever trying to get people to read. So far the only one, say, if a newbie came up and asked me, would be Doc's "Cost of Living", which I love to pieces because...

a) It totally creeps me out, and that's very hard to do.
b) The writing is technically excellent, and Doc has some phrases I would give my *insert disposable body part here* to be able to turn.
c) It's one of those elusive ship-gen stories (which is the 'genre' I finally decided on for Sleepers; not enough ship to really make the SJ hoards happy, but probably enough to annoy the A/A-starved genners *eg*).
d) It's H/C, there's whumping... and Daniel isn't the one getting pounded on. There may be hope for that genre yet.
e) It's not perfect or anything, but come on, what fic is? It's dang close, in my book.

But okay, other than that... nothing else really impresses me to the degree that I can be bothered telling people to read it. Authors I can do...

Suz Voy for humor and striking, sometimes downright fearless, plot twists.
Sally Reeve for a good sniffle and some warm fuzzy feelings.
Ness... well, back when she used to write Sam/Jack, she was very good *ducks and grins* .
Sue's fics... those go without saying on account of their sheer numminess. :D
Denise for good, solid stories and fair treatment of all the characters.

... but even trying to pick one or two favorites fics for each of them is a daunting task. Hmm.

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