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So my mission today was to make some GL:TAS icons - specifically Razer and Aya - but the .avis I found online are pretty crappy quality and the .mkvs don't work with my screen cap software. So now I'm in the process of converting those... but in case it doesn't work, I ordered the DVDs *facepalm* so that I can make my own rips.

No, I don't have issues, shut up.

ETA: Okay, finished converting 1x07, Reckoning.

"I'll get the comp-- Aya. I'll get her."

And the way he looks when he sees Atrocitus with her... *wibbles*

This is a kid's show, right?

ETA2: I'm working backwards - 1x06, Lost Planet - and I had forgotten that Razer is the first to get back into the Interceptor and man, is he not happy when he sees what's been going on :D

Also, can I say that while Aya is kick-ass and I'm all for her being autonomous and empowered, I really get something out of seeing Razer carry/hold her? Because I do.
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