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Is there a term for fantasy that's set in a quasi-early-20th-century setting? It's not 'steampunk', it's not urban fantasy or contemporary fantasy but on the other hand it's definitely not the typical swords-and-sorcery medieval-type fantasy that most people think of when they hear the word 'fantasy'.

These are the things I start thinking about near NaNo time.

I have the seed of an idea: a woman who is a time-traveler, whose father was a time-traveler from the future, who goes into the past to try to stop a war and ends up making things worse and then having to fix them. I'm probably going to regret picking a time-travel theme, because the potential for paradoxes and whatnot are probably going to drive me crazy, but I can't help myself. My two biggest writing kinks are time travel (or at least time weirdness) and memory manipulation, and I covered that one pretty thoroughly in fanfic recently ;)
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