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1. Went out for brunch with a former boss and spent the rest of the day sleeping/lounging around with a headache and cramps. You know, all the fun stuff. I guess tomorrow I'll think about doing something constructive.

2. So not to toot my own horn, but White Blank Page is up to 3000+ hits and 100+ kudos. Having put a grand total of 3 stories on AO3, I'm sure that amounts to barely more than a hill of beans, but I'm happy and isn't that what counts? ;) Honestly, though, I'm really pleased with the reception it's gotten, and I apologize for spamming my f-list. *g*

3. Watched some horror movies tonight. My spoiler-free impressions, let me share them with you.
The Cabin in the Woods (2011): Erm, so, yeah. If someone had asked me to imagine a horror story ala Joss, it would have gone something like that, I suppose. 7/10

The Awakening (2011): Creepy, good twist, and an ending I appreciated. 9/10

Mother's Day (2010): Is this considered part of the torture porn genre? Honestly after the first hour I was bored, and the ending didn't make any sense. 3/10

4. Giants won... unfortunately, so did the Dodgers. St. Louis, it's not so much that I'm angry with you as I'm... disappointed. Still, our magic number is 10, I think. Not too shabby.
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