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Well alright then.

Antibiotics, work your magic!

*blows nose*

So last night I had a dream that the world was being invaded by these evil poisonous child-eating crabs*. (Or I was a character in a movie about the world being invaded by evil poisonous child-eating crabs... sometimes it's hard to tell.) And in the first act I met Jeremy Renner (or another character being played by Jeremy Renner... in the dream it didn't really matter) and we were both college students (yes I'm well aware that neither of us are college aged) although I think we might have met at a scifi convention. And we hit it off and then we got into an argument and then we made up. But then we had to both go back to wherever we were from, and then the killer crabs invaded (oh God this sounds like a SyFy movie) and wherever JR/JR's character was he was a radio DJ keeping people up to date on the status of the anti-crab resistance and I was listening to him on the radio and having an angsty moment and then we could hear the crabs attacking the radio studio and omg the horror the horror and then my alarm went off.

* or possibly they were lobsters
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