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Avengers (Clint/Natasha) fanmix - White Blank Page

grace potter - ragged company

oh lord can you see my thick skin wearing thin
and the demons of a lesser me are beckoning me in

the lumineers - stubborn love

it's better to feel pain than nothing at all
the opposite of love's indifference

sia - i'm in here

i'm crying out, i'm breaking down,
i am fearing it all, stuck inside these walls,
tell me there is hope for me

mumford & sons - white blank page

can you lie next to her and give her your heart, your heart
as well as your body
and can you lie next to her and confess your love, your love
as well as your folly

young the giant - 12 fingers

i can follow you
your heart beats just like i wanted it to
And you want it too

gungor - beautiful things

all this pain
i wonder if i’ll ever find my way
i wonder if my life could really change at all

ellie goulding - every time you go

maybe we forgot all the things we are, we are together

fun. - carry on

though i've never been through hell like that
i've closed enough windows to know you can never look back

the wailin' jennys

and every broken arrow, every hardened smile
every foolish gamble and every lonely mile
will bring you to your knees and closer to the reason...

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Credit: Front cover image from sympli-me @ deviant-art</b>

A/N: So this was a mix I put together while I was working on my monster-fic by the same name. I branched out into some artists I'm not as familiar with and also hit up some that I've been longtime fans of (Grace Potter, mainly). I wanted something that was kind of more about the tone of the story than the plot, although of course there's some lovely angsting going on, which always seems to fit these two.
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