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*is pooped*

Just sent off fic to madjm for a final look-over. Which sounds easy, but the damn thing ended up being 70,615 words... 128 pages in 12 point Calibri.

Even though sjhw_tolerance thinks it makes me worse than Hitler, I've pretty much decided to post a chapter a day. Each chapter is about 6K words, give or take, so it won't be overwhelming.

[How I feel about finally getting to post this behemoth]
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*throws impromptu dance party*

So when can we expect this gorgeous thing?
Um, not to put any pressure on madjm, cause she's got her own stuff going on, but... whenever she gets it back to me? :)
FINALLY! It'll be nice to have something to track everyday! :D
Yeah, I've enjoyed that myself from my fic. Although I gotta admit, I'm relieved it's almost finished. lol
Just a few chaps left to post. I've finished writing it, but I usually give it one last check before each post. Fun times. *headdesk*
Oh yeah. I've lost count of how many times I've reread this monstrosity. During regular revisions, of course, and before I sent each part to Jamie, and when I got her notes back, and then a couple more times, and this weekend before I sent the revised copy... and then I'll read each part before I post it, and after I post it, because I'm obsessive like that.
I swear that's the worst part about writing! You just wanna bang your head against the keyboard after awhile. The sad part is now that I'm almost finished this, I've got another story already in the works and I'm like UGH! lol
Have you ever made a music vid? It's kind of the same thing. You listen to the song and see the clips SO MANY F**CKING TIMES trying to get the timing and the transitions down that by the time it's done you're so freaking sick of it you can't even stand it.
Thankfully I haven't, but I have taught dancing to kids for talent shows and that kind of thing. By the end I couldn't listen to the song for months, and even know half those songs just make me sigh. lol